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DP Customs' Bettie Bobber

Thank God There's Harleys . . .

Justin, who runs DP Customs in Phoenix, Arizona, United States sent us these pictures of this gorgeous 1977 Harley Ironhead Bobber which basically is a stripped down stock bike without any major modifications or additions. Or it must be the glamorous yet notorious Bettie Page adorning the bare steel fuel tank of this Straight Bobber...

Justin: "This bike was a favorite of mine. I owned her for a long time and she rode real nice. The seat on it was a cool piece made by Rich Phillips, black tuck-n-roll leather. "

Image of 1977 Harley Ironhead Oldschool Bobber Motorcycle by Justin of DP Customs.

Justin: "I really like using bare steel when I can, painting the oil tank black so it keeps the eyes on the gas tank and fender."

Photo of 1977 Ironhead Sportster Hot Rod Harley Old School Classic by Justin del Prado.

Justin: "This was another bike where I mounted the fender to the swingarm vs. the frame, so it still had full suspension without looking like a 4x4."

Image of 1977 Harley Ironhead Oldschool Bobber Motorcycle by Justin of DP Customs.

1977 Harley Ironhead Bobber.

Justin: "She was one of the few bikes I've done that had blinkers and gauges. I mounted the gauges as low as I could so they wouldn't be an eyesore... "

Straight Bobber or Custom Bobber?

To us, any Bobber is either a Straight Bobber or a Custom Bobber.

For more information, check out the Bobber Republic Info Pages!

1977 Ironhead Engine

Photo of 1977 Ironhead Sportster Engine by Justin del Prado. The 1000cc 1977 Ironhead Engines have right foot brake and left foot shift.

The Bettie Bobber - Tank Decorations

Here's why we call her the "Bettie Bobber":

Image of Fuel Tank of 1977 Harley Ironhead Oldschool Bobber Motorcycle by Justin of DP Customs.

To make this bike stand out in the crowd, Justin combined bare steel with checkered racing stripes and a striking image of oldschool pin-up Bettie Page.

Now don't act as if you didn't notice!

Bettie Page - Oldschool Pin-up Art

Photo of Bettie Page Pin-up on 1977 Ironhead Sportster Hot Rod Harley Bobber by Justin del Prado.

If there ever was an oldschool pin-up icon, it must be the notorious Bettie Page.

Known for her distinctive haircut and dominant yet girlsh looks, Bettie was the most famous Pin-Up of the 1950's.

She was the Queen of legs, high heels and bondage. Queen of catfights, bad manners and heavy petting. And today she is a cult model.

Between 1951 and 1956 she starred in 3 feature length burlesque films (Varietease, Striporama and Teaserama) and many 8mm and 16mm Fetish, Bondage, Catfight, and Exotic Dance films. Check YouTube!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Bobber Rear End - Maximum Rubber!

Image of rear tire of 1977 Harley Ironhead Oldschool Bobber Motorcycle by Justin of DP Customs. The Bettie Bobber shows maximum rubber, like a true Bobber should!

"Make sure your exhaust is loud enough to make children cry!" - Justin DP

(February 2010)

For more information on DPC bikes, check out the DP Customs website

And if you wish to realize that custom bike concept that you have in mind, have a chat with Justin:

"justindelprado at gmail dot com"

DP Customs - Phoenix, Arizona

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