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Nash No.9 Extreme Hardcore Bobber

Marlin of Nash Brothers Motorcycle Company in Vancouver, Washington, United States made available these pictures of their extreme hardcore Bobber which they classify as "Street Chopper No. 9", and which is powered by a completely overhauled 1975 Harley Sportster XL Ironhead 1000cc V twin engine.

The overall build time of this Nash Bobber was 3 months. The frame is a stretched custom by NMC and has a 35 degree rake. The front fork is a narrow glide, stock length, with Harley Davidson triple trees. Those handlebars are NMC's signature "Midget Gimp" hangers.

Photo of Nash Motorcycle Company Hardcore Bobber No.9 with 1975 Harley Davidson Ironhead engine.

Nash Bobber No.9 - Outline Specs

Here's some specifications of this Nash #9 hardcore bobber motorcycle:

If you dig the style of #9 and you'd like to use the Nash #9 frame for your next rebuild, that's perfectly possible!

Just click HERE for the Nash #9 frame specifications and details.

Photo of Nash Extreme hardcore Bobber No.9 with 1975 Ironhead engine. No dash. No gauges. No turn signals. No mirrors. No oil tank. No battery box. No control cables cluttering the apes. Not even a sprung saddle.

Hardcore to the bone!

Photo of Nash Motorcycle Company Bobber No.9 with 1975 Harley Davidson Ironhead engine. Lots to see here. The little black ball attached to the back of the Sportster starter unit is the knob of the sturdy "Nash Starter Plunger".

Right in the middle of the photo you see the stainless steel "Swift Kick" kicker arm that flips out and locks in for kicking, then flips back and slides down and remains out of your way during the ride.

Note the cool idler sprocket wheel and chain tensioner arrangement. And, of course, the Nash brothers again found the perfect solution for the exhaust routing of this Ironhead. This time it's front to the right, rear to the left.

Photo of Nash Bobber No.9 with 1975 Sportster Ironhead engine with split rocker boxes. The engine is a 1975 Ironhead, 1000cc displacement, rebuilt by NMC.

Note split rocker boxes and S&S Super E carburator. The air cleaner is Teddy's.

Cylinders are Wisco. Cases, flywheels, rods, cylinders, heads, valves and rockers are all Harley Davidson. Push rods are aluminium, and the push rod tubes are black. Andrews cams with solid lifters.

Photo of NMC Hardcore Bobber No.9 with 1975 HD Ironhead engine. Front and rear wheels on this extreme hardcore Bobber #9 are identical 19" HD mag wheels with MEFO Explorer tires, size 100/90/19. The caliper is a late model HD, and the rotor is a Custom Chrome Stainless Steel.

Photo of Nash Bobber No.9 with 1975 Harley Ironhead engine. Left jockey shift and clutch controls in true hardcore bobber style. Transmission is 1975 XL, combined with Barnett clutch and chain primary drive. Note how the shaft of the idler sprocket wheel is fixed to the frame, and watch that rear exhaust pipe sneaking it's way out.

And please pay attention: no oil tank and no battery in sight!   (By the way, that "Nashty Ol' Bag" has many uses!)

Photo of Nash Motorcycle Company Bobber No.9 with 1975 Ironhead engine. Paul Cameau did the graphics and Justin Simmons of Addison Collision Repair did the paint job. Plating, polishing and powder coating by Masic Industries.

Photo of Nash Bobber No.9 with 1975 Sportster Ironhead engine. "Creepster" fill caps. Note how the gas tank vents into the frame.

Photo of the Nash Boys, owners of the Nash Motorcycle Company. The brothers Trent, Taber and Teddy Nash, owners and operators of the Nash Motorcycle Company, build about twelve to fifteen custom masterpieces a year.

While the brothers have no intention of becoming a production manufacturer, they do have the license to assign their own unique Nash Motorcycle Company VIN numbers which makes registration of their ground up custom built bikes a lot easier.

Click to go to Nash Motorcycle Company - Choppers, Bobbers and Hot Rod Bikes.

Nash Motorcycle Company
214 E. Mcloughlin Blvd.
Vancouver, WA 98663
Phone - (360) 693 4225
Fax - (360) 693 1770

Email: "info at nashmotorcycle dot com".

(October 2008)

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