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1971 Sportster Short Chop

Thank God There's Harleys . . .

Marco from the Netherlands sent us these pictures of his 1971 Sportster Short Chop which is powered by a Harley Davidson Ironhead engine and has kick start only.

Marco: "Ive been riding Harleys since I was 18 years old. My first was a 1977 Sportster in a hardtail frame, then a couple of Evo sporties and an Evo Electra Glide followed. I always liked the Ironhead engine the most, for the looks and the raw sound."

Photo of 1971 Sportster Ironhead Short Chop by Marco.

Marco: "I have owned this bike for 15 years now, and this was the third time I rebuilt it. She was totaly stock when I got her. The engine was rebuilt 14 years ago and is still running great, so it didn't need an overhaul this time. The carb is a S&S super E which came on it with the engine rebuilt (great carb). There are also some home made brass parts on it."

"The frame was stripped from its paint and repainted. I also installed the bolt on hardtail by v-twin. The 16 inch rearwheel and a 21 inch frontwheel were powdercoated and then repainted. The fork is a stock size DNA springer. Rear fender is my old ducktail wich I trimmed using the angle grinder."

"The oiltank was bought in the USA from Elswick Cycles. New dragpipes with brass endcaps by Lowbrow Customs. All wiring was redone. Forward controls are from an aftermarked brand and came from a japanese hardtail. Gastank is a king size Sporty. Saddle is a Larossa Hard Ass also from the USA."

Photo of 1971 Sportster Ironhead Short Chop by Marco.

Marco: "Ive been working on it for 4 months last summer. All work on the bike was done by me and my three sons who are respectively 10, 12 and 14 years old. The oldest did the rebuild and polishing of the Honda CB rearbrake that now sits at the front of the bike. The other two helped me with making parts such as the fender struts."

"This is the story of my bike.
Greetings, Marco"

Chopper or Short Chop?

Not all Choppers have been created equal...

In our perception, it's not the length of a front fork that tells us whether a bike is a Chopper or not. To us it is the rake that counts.

To us, as soon as a stock motorcycle or a Bobber has her rake increased significantly, she has thereby become a Chopper. Whether she has a long front fork or not.

For more information on Choppers and Short Chops, check out the Bobber Republic Info Pages!

Photo of 1971 Sportster Ironhead Short Chop by Marco.

Thanks, Marco! This is a real nice family project!

July 2010

Photo of 1971 Sportster Ironhead Short Chop by Marco.

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